Friday 24 November 2017

'Katie will bounce back from losses', says dad as boxer returns to his gym

London 2012 gold medallist Katie Taylor with dad Pete
London 2012 gold medallist Katie Taylor with dad Pete

Katie Taylor is back training in her dad Pete's gym after her shock opening-round defeat at the Rio Olympics.

The Bray boxing champion had not been training with her father in the run-up to Rio, citing personal reasons, but the winning Taylor combination of dad and daughter is now back on the canvas and in the gym ready to chase future success.

Katie (30) lost three fights this year - all against women she had previously beaten - without Pete in her corner.

At Rio, she lost to Finland's Mira Potkonen in the women's lightweight division.

But now Katie, who won gold at the London 2012 Olympics, is preparing for the EUBC European Women's Championships in Bulgaria next month.

"Katie's strong, she's very resilient, she will bounce back," said Pete.


"She is coming down all the time to the gym. She was away in the States for four or five weeks training, now she is back again.

"I'm not interested in international boxing anymore but of course I will support Katie in any way I can.

"She has the Europeans coming up next month, she is coming down to use the facilities at the gym. It's a nonsense [to say] we are not talking. Katie will come back, no doubt about that."

Three of Pete's other fighters recently won gold at the Esker All Female BoxCup 2016 in Lucan.

"The club is flying, the kids are flying. I've just had four girls at the Esker tournament. Four of them got to the finals, three of them won against international opposition," he said.

However, Pete also blasted the Irish Athletic Boxing Association (IABA) and the Irish Sports Council, saying they were not doing enough for boxers once their careers in the ring are over.

"They end up high and dry once the medals dry up. What have the boxers got when they finish? What have they to fall back on? What do they do with their lives?" he said.

"They should be putting boxers on courses to give them a trade or a qualification."

A review is underway into Ireland's poor performance at the Rio Olympics.


The head of the Irish Sports Council has warned that funding may be cut to boxers following the team's failure to win a single medal at the Games. In London 2012, Irish boxers won two bronze medals, one silver and one gold.

"If you are not performing it will affect funding, without a shadow of a doubt," said chief executive John Treacy.

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