Monday 19 August 2019

Kathryn takes TV dieters home for (low-fat) treat

mum Rachel Walker and her fellow Operation Transformation stars were treated to dinner by Kathryn Thomas in the RTE star's home.

Kathryn, who hosts the hit programme, decided the five leaders deserved to be treated -- and cooked up a low-fat meal in her new home.

Rachel is now just one pound away from reaching her Operation Transformation target.

The Tallaght woman is confident she will reach her target and beyond by sticking to her tough fitness regime and diet, set by nutritionist Dr Eva Orsmond and fitness trainer Karl Henry, over the coming days. And since Rachel has outdone her target every week except one so far, one last positive weigh-in would make her this year's most successful leader.

"I'm over the moon to be a pound off target, and I'd love to do even better than what was set for me at the start of the show," Rachel told the Herald.

"Once I reach my target on time, I'd be happy enough but it would be great for the grand finale to finish on a high."

The 36-year-old mum-of-three was invited to dinner to presenter Kathryn Thomas's house after this week's challenge along with the other main contestants.

Kathryn made sure to offer healthy meals and drinks this time after straight-talking Dr Orsmond reprimanded the stunning blonde last week for giving Meath leader Sinead Heffernan (37) some wine as they set off to the theatre for a relaxing night.

"She cooked the two main courses herself, we had the choice of chicken and vegetables or lasagne -- both from Dr Eva's recipes -- so we could still follow our diets," Rachel said. "The food was absolutely gorgeous, her house was fab and she had these two little puppies that were gorgeous.

"If I'd had a bigger bag, I would have stolen one -- my children would have been delighted."

The leaders even had a snoop around Kathryn's home, ending up in her bedroom where they practised their best catwalk poses for the finale.


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