Monday 11 December 2017

Kathryn has huge selling power - Ingrid

Top stylist Ingrid Hoey has revealed that the stars of The Voice of Ireland have huge selling power when it comes to the clothes they wear on the show.

Ingrid dresses Kathryn Thomas, Una Foden and Rachel Stevens for the reality show each week and says each of them have a distinctive style.

"I think there isn't really another show in Ireland like The Voice that goes out live every week and people just love to chat about the clothes," Ingrid told the Herald.

"I think the great thing about these three girls is that they all have completely different tastes so you get to show three different styles each week."

Ingrid works with a number of Irish celebrities including Amy Huberman and says she gets huge enquiries about what Kathryn wears each week.

"Kathryn has that thing where she puts on shoes or a dress and they just sell out," she said.

"I think when they're affordable as well, people go wild for it."

Ingrid also feels it's important to showcase Irish designers and boutiques as much as possible.

"I was really excited for Una to wear Simone Rocha last week. I'm a huge fan of hers," she said.


"It's always good to get a few Irish designers on the show as well. I think we've so many talented designers and we should be using our own where we can."

Una's second baby Tadhg is just two months old and Ingrid reveals that The Saturdays singer isn't pushing herself to fit into tiny outfits each week.

"Well I have to give her a huge amount of credit, I have two kids myself and I know it's hard after you've had a baby but she looks amazing," she said.

"She's just enjoying being a mum, she's not killing herself to get into a particular dress every week and I think that's the right way to do it."


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