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Karl and I are under pressure... but our honeymoon's sorted!

IT'S now a week since I was crowned the winner on TV3's Celebrity Salon and to be honest I'm still recovering.

To celebrate, my partner Karl Broderick (pictured centre, right) and I had a little party in our house last Friday night. It also doubled as a bit of an engagement party.

RTE star Derek Mooney, who is a great friend of ours, very kindly had a cake made as a surprise on the night. It had a picture of myself and the other guys from the Salon, which was nice.

The overwhelming response since I won has been fantastic, it really has.

I've had hundreds of emails into work. I'm not a big Twitter fan but it's even gone mad on there.

I'm being congratulated everywhere I go.

Even on Saturday when we went to Pippa (O'Connor) and Brian's (Ormond) wedding they actually came up to me and said "well done on the win". I was like 'It should be me congratulating you guys, not the other way around'.

It was an absolutely fantastic day. Obviously the nightclub setting that evening really made it stand out. The highlight was definitely Brian Dowling and Robbie Keane doing a dance- off to Beyonce's Single Ladies.


I think Brian was the undisputed winner. It was good fun for the rest of us to watch. I did pick up a few tips for my own wedding. We have a lot to live up to now after theirs.

We have now officially set the date for September 30, which is just three months away. It's a bit overwhelming, the amount that has to be organised between now and then.

We've got the church confirmed at least, so that's going to be the Unitarian Church on St Stephen's Green. We're almost there on finalising the reception venue but I'd rather not say yet until it's 100pc confirmed.

What I can say is that it's definitely going to be in the city centre. It's gas when you think of the brides who decide on these two years in advance and here we are trying to get it all done in a couple of months.

I took the day off work on Monday and we sat down with the planner and started putting it all together. The reason we chose that date is because it also marks our 18-year anniversary together, which will add to the romanticism of it all.

The whole gang from TV3 will be there. We're going to have to pre-record that day's episode of Ireland AM I think because no-one wants to work. Our poor producer, Victoria O'Brien, is actually due to give birth that day so who knows, we could have to make a delivery in between the vows.

It's gas how many pregnancies we have in TV3 at the moment, I'm actually afraid to go into the women's toilets in case I come out pregnant. Derek Mooney's going to be our best man, so he's over the moon about that. We've both known him for over 20 years.

We've decided we're going to go to LA and San Francisco on our honeymoon, as it's something we've always wanted to do. We want to go and do all the studios in LA and that kind of thing because we've never done it before. We'd kill each other if we just went and lay on the beach somewhere for a couple of weeks.

Of course all my co-stars on Celebrity Salon; Rosanna Davison (above centre), Georgia Salpa, Calum Best, Abi Titmuss and Aisleyne Horgan- Wallace (above left) will be coming along as well.

Aisleyne is already demanding to be the chief bridesmaid on the day.

She's still very keen to move over here for a few weeks in the autumn, so we'll be seeing plenty of her around the place. She's a great girl. I'm actually hoping to get her and some of the other gang in the panto this year. They would actually be my dream team to have on stage alongside myself, Sammy Sausages.

Georgia would have to play Sleeping Beauty, of course. Calum's not going to be the prince though because that would be too easy. The whole thing with them has blossomed in the last few weeks. I'm delighted to see them happy together.

As for the rest of the gang; Abi would be the wicked queen and we'd have to have Rosanna as the fairy godmother. I'll come up with a special role for Aisleyne, she's dying to do it. Whether it will happen or not I don't know but I am seriously talking to them about it so fingers crossed.

I've actually been in meetings about it all week as we had to finalise castings for Cheerios by the end of June. It goes on the back of their boxes, so they need to know early. We've had so many inquiries into the Tivoli about it that we decided to put the tickets on sale this week. Aside from that, I've just been busy working. I don't go out too much during the week as I'm up so early.


Because I had taken Monday off, I was able to go to Take That at Croke Park on Sunday night. It was a good fun, the show was phenomenal. I also found that it was the same target audience that watched Celebrity Salon. I had all these women in pink cowboy hats coming up to me and saying "Give me a wax". It was all in good fun though.

Yesterday I was down in Kinsale, Co Cork, all morning filming for Ireland AM. It was great because I've never actually been there before so it was good to see it.

We've just started a new thing where we broadcast from somewhere different every week. Last week we were in Bunratty and then we'll be doing the Galway Races and Rose of Tralee and things like that over the next couple of weeks.

The plan for the weekend is to go to Gay Pride tomorrow afternoon.

We're going to go do some of the things at the civic offices. As far as I know, David Norris is speaking and there's going to be a bit of a concert.

On Sunday then we'll be heading down to the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby at the Curragh. I hear there's a big gang going, so it should be a laugh.

Tickets for this year's Cheerios panto, Sleeping Beauty, starring Alan as Sammy Sausages, are available online from www.tivoli.ie from €20