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Karen not worried as TV3 takes on RTE's Toy Show

TV3 Christmas Toy Show presenter Karen Koster has insisted she isn't worried about any rivalry with RTE.

The Xpose host will be taking on Ryan Tubridy with Brian McFadden next week - but Karen says she just wants to do well before she goes on maternity leave.

"I'm not really thinking about any rivalry. I'm more thinking about how I'll do, if I will do well," she said.

"I finish up for maternity leave after the Toy Show, so if it goes really well I can go out on a high and if it doesn't, I can slink off and have my baby.

"But hopefully as Toy Shows were always fronted by men, as a girl I might add a different dimension to it," she added.

And Karen (34), who is expecting her first baby in December with her husband John McGuire, feels that TV3's version will appeal to children more.

"I love the whole angle for the show. It just seems more kid-friendly in that it's on earlier and there are kids in the audience," she said.

"And it's good to be working alongside Brian McFadden. I just can't wait to get stuck in and see how we bounce off each other."

As she approaches her due date, Karen has admitted that she's been experiencing lots of cravings.


"I'm trying to limit myself because at one point I was worrying thinking I was going to get diabetes from all the orange juice and cake, but Aisling O'Loughlin just told me to listen to my body and what it wants," the blonde said.

"I've been having a slice of cake everyday and I could literally down a gallon of juice in each sitting.

"I'm honestly feeling so great that I'm probably going to end up in labour for a week," she laughed.