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Karen Koster: 'I always wanted the career first but I'm probably more maternal that I gave myself credit for'


Karen Koster

Karen Koster

Karen Koster

Everyone says Finn looks like John but as he's gotten older I think my DNA is starting to show through a bit more.

On Monday I brought him into the office and everyone was cooing at him and they were all telling me he looked like me and I like to think that's true.

He's such a good-natured baby and he's at that real fun age where every day there's more and more personality coming through.

Every week he's learning to do something new. At the moment, he's learning to blow raspberries, which is difficult because I'm trying to wean him onto solids and I'm getting a face full of baby rice when I'm trying to feed him.

Every day it gets easier, although I'm sure the days we're alone in the house together he must get sick of the sight of me.

It's funny because I thought I'd be fairly uptight as a mother, but my own mum says that I'm pretty relaxed. I always wanted the career first and then when I got older, start a family. I'm probably more maternal that I gave myself credit for initially.