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Kanye buys traditional Irish Claddagh ring for wife Kim

KIM Kardashian is the proud owner of a silver Claddagh ring - a memento bought for her by her new husband Kanye West.

The couple cut their Irish honeymoon short by two days and flew out of Cork Airport 
by private plane at 12.15pm yesterday.

Kim and Kanye are understood to have stayed one night at the Castlemartyr Resort in Cork, two nights at Castle Oliver in Limerick and one night in Laois, believed to be at the luxurious Ballyfin Castle.

Siobhan Byrne Learat, of Adams & Butler arranged their luxurious stay while here.

“It was a great honour to arrange a beautiful visit to a few of Ireland’s most gorgeous locations and grand residences for them” Ms Byrne Learat said.

“I cannot comment on any of the details except to say that yes, Adams & Butler were asked by top US agents we work with to put together a wonderful trip for them”

The couple selected Castle Oliver, she said, for its privacy, beautiful surroundings, luxurious romantic rooms offering a “wonderful intimate castle experience”. Ballyfinn was the choice of the honeymooners because they had had a beautiful stay back in there in 2012 and Kanye said then he would return. The top suite where they stayed is rumoured to cost €1,700 a night.

The couple are expected to spend a couple of days in Prague in the Czech Republic before flying back to the US to attend the wedding of one of Kanye’s management team.

Kim and Kanye, dubbed Kimye’ on social media, arrived at Cork Airport unannounced in a cortege led by a limousine shortly after 11am.


Their private plane, a €30m Brazilian-built Embraer, landed almost as they arrived and they immediately began flight preparations.

Cork store executive Marie O’Connell (32) is a huge Kanye West fan and got a tip that the couple could be flying out of the local airport and immediately went to the terminal concourse and managed to spot the cortege as it swept in.

“I couldn’t believe it. I saw them arriving in the limo and I managed to video it on my camera phone. I’m a huge fan… I’m still shaking I’m so excited,” she said.

The private jet moved to the old Cork Airport terminal, some 100m from the new terminal, and the couple were whisked to the aircraft by a black Mercedes minivan escorted by a security car.

They boarded the plane out of sight of the assembled media but, in the minutes before they left, Kanye sent one of his personal assistants into the airport duty free to purchase a number of Irish-themed gifts for family and friends.

The most elegant of these was a solid silver Claddagh ring which he presented to Kim as the plane began its take-off.

Kim had decided at the eleventh hour to cut short their Italian holiday and honeymoon in Ireland because her parents, Bruce and Kris, had spent their honeymoon here.

And during her parent’s honeymoon, Bruce had bought a Claddagh ring - Ireland’s symbol of true and undying love - for Kris as a treasured memento.

During their Irish stay, the couple went mountain biking in the Ballyhouras on the Cork-Limerick border and toured scenic parts of Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary and Laois.