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Just one fine in last year for feet on train seats

CASH-strapped Irish Rail fined just one passenger for putting their feet on seats in the past year, despite warnings that offenders face prosecution.

However, the company has made approximately €800,000 from fines issued to passengers who tried to evade paying for rail tickets this year.

A total of 252 convictions have also been secured in the district courts in the year to date by the company against people evading fares.

Irish Rail employs 44 Revenue Protection Officers who can issue fines to people who breech the company's bye laws.

So far, the company has issued 8,745 fixed penalties for fare evasion in 2014.

"We have really beefed up or revenue protection operations. We have increased our number of officers to try and stem fare evaders and to stop the revenue loss," and Irish Rail spokesperson said.

"It is something that we do take very seriously," she added.

However, just one person - a Dart user - has been fined for putting their feet on seats.

"It is something that we do enforce," he said.