Monday 20 November 2017

Just 38pc of city homes have had meters installed

WATER meters have been installed in just 38pc of Dublin's 466,000 households - more than a year into the programme.

As the first bills are due to land and protesters continue to target installation sites, Irish Water still have some way to go before the majority of homes in the capital are metered.

The utility initially said that around 300,000 households will be metered in Dublin during the first phase of installations up to the end of 2016.

Irish Water later told the Herald told that the figure will be closer to 250,000, with further works being undertaken in 2017.

As of April 1, 177,930 meters had been installed in Irish Water's two Dublin regions, the city and county.

That's 59pc of the 300,000 figure for the number of households or 71pc of the 250,000 figure that Irish Water later gave.


An Irish Water spokeswoman was asked to explain the different figures for the number of homes to be metered.

"We outlined 300,000 properties to be metered 'potentially' however... due to reasons such as apartment buildings, shared services etc, not all of the 300,000 properties will be metered under the first phase," a spokeman said.

Census data shows that Dublin has more than 466,000 households, meaning just 38pc now have a water meter.

Around a third of all households in Dublin won't be metered because their water systems aren't suitable - in the case of many apartment blocks.

The metering process is broken down into eight regions with two in Dublin.

As of April 1, Dublin city has the lowest number of meters installed at 59,513 meters, though Dublin county has the highest at 118,417 installed out of a projected 125,000 in phase one.

The utility says it hasn't worked out the plan for the second scheme, which takes place in 2017, and therefore could not say how many meters would be installed in total nationwide.

Irish Water estimates that it has a customer base of 1.5m customers, and says that it will meter one million of them in this first phase.

Outside of Dublin, the metering process is 42pc complete in the first phase with more than 459,000 meters installed.


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