Friday 19 January 2018

Just 3 evicted from council homes over last five years

Fianna Fail Councillor Daithi de Roiste
Fianna Fail Councillor Daithi de Roiste

Three people have been evicted from homes in South Dublin over the last five years for anti-social behaviour - despite almost 600 complaints being made about such issues.

Since 2011, 567 complaints relating to anti-social behaviour and similar issues have been made to Dublin City Council in the south-central area, which covers areas including Crumlin, Dolphin's barn and Kilmainham.

Despite the high number of complaints, just three people have been evicted for repeated anti-social behaviour - with one of those being rehoused a short time later.

In one incident, a man was rehoused after his home was repeatedly targeted by criminals in the area.

City housing manager Michael Clarke told a sub-committee meeting of the joint policing committee that the issue was dealt with as an anti-social issue, but not through the fault of the homeowner. The difficulty in dealing with drug use was also raised.

Mr Clarke said that the local authority can only intervene if a person is using a council home for selling drugs.

"When a person is using drugs for personal use, then that is a garda matter," Mr Clarke said.

He added that three other investigations were "in the pipeline" and added that the authorities were dealing with fewer squatters illegally occupying council premises.


Fianna Fail Councillor Daithi de Roiste said that the laws around evicting people who have been complained about repeatedly need to be changed. He noted that since a new bill was introduced no tenants have been evicted from the south central area.

"When you've an eviction rate of under 1pc it begs the question why people should even make a complaint," he said.

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