Monday 20 November 2017

Junior Cert Exam Diary: I'd broken my leg in a few different places to prepare for the exam

The Irish paper was not as bad as expected
The Irish paper was not as bad as expected

I FEEL like we are making progress now. I'm delighted to have Irish over with as it is definitely not my strong point.

It was a pretty good exam as Irish exams go. I'm sure other people would be disappointed if they had answered like me, but I'm happy with what I achieved.

Even though I have two subjects over with it hasn't really hit me that I am sitting the Junior Cert.

It feels surreal when I'm sitting in the hall watching everyone complete their exams.

Either way after all the hype we are finally on the road and it's great to be marking them off one by one.

The listening section of the exam was just your typical aural. There was nothing new or too difficult in it. I'm not great at listening but I muddled through.

On the paper one of the comprehensions was about the singer Lorde which made it far more interesting.

The essay question suited me perfectly - we had to tell the story of an accident.

I had planned all along to write about breaking my leg, all that changes is the location.

In the paper I wrote about how 'I broke my leg' in a shopping centre - I've written before about it happening abroad or at discos while preparing for the exam.

Paper two was as difficult as expected, but I had a lot of answers learned off, most of which I understood.

Isabel Doyle (15) from Rathgar is a student at Sandford Park School.

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