Tuesday 15 October 2019

Junior Cert Diary: It's getting so tiring but I may be saved by the Renaissance!

PAPER one in business studies featured short questions about inflation, what ATM stands for, what PIN stands for and things like that. I found that I flew through those because I had practised them so much.

The long questions were on a club account, insurance, banks, household budget, factors of production, and people at work, and I chose the last four topics.

I really like doing the household budget, I find it easy to balance and I had it done in 20 minutes. For the people at work question, you had to calculate how much overtime one person earns a week and what his total wages are per week as well.

And for the insurance question, you had to calculate how much compensation a person would get if there was flooding in their house. I know how to do those from practising before.

The only thing I was disappointed by is that I had to do the question on factors of production because of the choices given, and it's not my best area. It was the only downfall in the paper, though.

For French today, I should be okay for the listening exam, and you can't really study for the French comprehensions. So last night I looked over the postcard, the letter, and the note, because I'll be doing two out of those three today.

I'm hoping exploration and the Renaissance come up in the history paper. My least favourite part of history is the Plantations, so I'm really hoping that it doesn't come up today. I got all confused about the era in the mock exams. Last night I had a quick look over everything and I'm hoping it'll be a smooth exam.

History, religion and home economics are the three remaining subjects that require a lot of writing. I'm quite tired at this stage now from all the writing, so I'm getting to bed earlier and sleeping until about 8am every morning.

Emma is a pupil at St Mary's Secondary School in Baldoyle

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