Friday 18 January 2019

Junior Cert Diary: I hope that the areas I've studied in-depth will all come up for me

EMMA Maguire begins her Junior Cert tomorrow and will be the Herald's exam diarist until she finishes on June 17.

Emma (15) from Donaghmede, intends to work with children eventually, but for now her main interests are home economics, business, English and maths.

And while the sunny weather is distracting close to the start of exams, she's been busy revising and is now all set for tomorrow.

"I'm hoping that the stuff I've studied in-depth and the subjects that I've learned really hard will come up. I like home economics, business, English and maths so they're the subjects that I'm not worried about," she said.

This being Emma's first set of state exams, it's a completely new experience for her, coupled with the fact that she's the oldest in her family.

"I don't expect that I'll be nervous on the day because I love English, but when the time comes for the science and geography exams things could be different!"

"I found it weird that we had the last week off from school. Usually when we've had exams before, we've done them straight after school finished -- but this time with the week-long gap it was strange."

She added: "Over the last few days, I've been revising for all the subjects, and for English I concentrated on writing letters and reading over all the poems again."

And the northsider says she felt a special bond developing between students and teachers over the last while in school, and her focus now is to revise everything they've covered since September.

And she has a full summer of activities planned once her exams finish -- as she'll celebrate her 16th birthday, jet off to Spain, and spend three weeks in the Gaeltacht.


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