Sunday 25 August 2019

Junior Cert Diary: History paper was a bit tricky but I hope religion will save me

The French paper was grand. There were a few tricky questions which I couldn't understand but I still wrote down what I thought I'd heard on tape anyway, so I think I gave it my best shot.

We had around seven or eight comprehensions in the written paper, and I found the last three ones the hardest. History went well. There was one part that I didn't like, though -- I thought the short questions were quite challenging.

There wasn't a lot of good choice. You're given 20 questions and you have to answer 10, and while I usually do around 15 in case some of my answers are incorrect, I could only answer 11 this time around.

I'm worried now about today's science exam, but not so much about religion. I studied both last night. I find chemistry and physics challenging and I just hope that the stuff I'm familiar with comes up.

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