Monday 18 February 2019

Junior Cert Diary: Chemistry was a tough test but religion was my saviour

In the science exam yesterday, the biology section was my favourite. Topics like the heart, the lungs, birth and plant cells came up and I'd been familiar with all of those. But with regards to chemistry, the minute I looked at the paper I knew it was going to be tough.

Acids, atoms and the periodic table all came up, and I can't even remember some of the questions because I found them quite hard. I think the paper was a lot tougher compared to other years, which is unfortunate.

But for physics I answered on subjects like why does a hot air balloon rise, or distance, speed and velocity, and I find those topics very doable.

Overall, the paper was challenging, but I answered anything I could.

Religion on the other hand was totally fine. We were given 20 short questions and asked to pick 10, and I got 17 done to cover my bases. We were given four pictures as well and asked to answer questions on three of them. One was about peace, another was about the cross and another featured a group of people, and I think I managed those questions fine.

For the long questions, I answered the questions on family and friends, Judaism, and Christianity, and those were all topics that I had prepared in advance.

I cannot believe that today is my last day. It's unbelievable how much the week has just flown. My principal was saying to us yesterday how it feels like a long time since we started, but I think it's just flown by.

I can remember the nerves going in on the first morning for the English exam, and now I feel so different.

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