Monday 22 January 2018

Judge set to dismiss LaBeouf case

A judge has told actor Shia LaBeouf that a disorderly conduct case against him will be dismissed and sealed if he avoids being arrested in the next six months.

A prosecutor told Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Ann Scherzer yesterday that the Transformers and Nymphomaniac star has completed a treatment programme following a June arrest at a Broadway show.

Authorities charged LaBeouf with a violation after he smoked cigarettes, yelled at actors on stage and cursed at security guards while watching a Cabaret revival.

During the Cabaret melee, LaBeouf screamed profanities at performers and then slapped actor Alan Cumming on the behind as he performed.

As he was escorted from the theater he began screaming; F*** you! This is f***ing bull****!'


He then added; 'Do you know my life? Do you know who the f*** I am? Do you know who I am?'

He is also reported to have spat on one of the police officers.

Representatives for the 28-year-old actor have said he's been treated for an alcohol problem.

LaBeouf pleaded guilty to two counts of disorderly conduct, one count of trespass, one count of criminal trespass and harassment in the second degree last September, and was ordered to undergo continued alcohol treatment.

LaBeouf said nothing to reporters as he climbed into a black SUV following his brief court appearance. Wearing a dark suit, he sported an eyebrow piercing and a braided rat tail hair style.

In November, 2014, LaBeouf claimed in an email interview with a reporter that a woman "stripped [his] clothing and proceeded to rape [him]" during a performance art show in which he sat in a room while dressed in a tuxedo and wearing a paper bag over his head.


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