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Judge orders teen's arrest

a JUDGE has ordered the arrest of a troubled 15-year-old Dublin boy who did not turn up to court after he was given a last chance to avoid a sentence for a spate of crimes.

Judge John O'Connor issued a bench warrant for the arrest of the teenager, who had been described earlier as having a "turbulent and chaotic life".

The teen had pleaded guilty at the Dublin Children's Court earlier to taking part in theft and criminal damage incidents over a 12-month period.

Minister dies in plane crash

A small plane that crashed on approach to the island of Grand Bahama killed all 9 people on board, including a prominent Christian minister and his wife, the government of the Bahamas said.

The Lear 36 Executive Jet crashed while attempting to land on Sunday in Freeport, according to a statement from the Ministry of Transport and Aviation.

Among those killed was Myles Munroe, the founder of Bahamas Faith Ministries, Prime Minister Perry Christie said.

New prostate cancer hope

A new treatment shows promise in halting the march of aggressive prostate cancer.

Scientists have found a novel drug target that affects the way tumours form nourishing blood vessels. Blocking the molecule, SRPK1, stopped the cancer's progress in mice.

Analysis of human prostate tumour samples showed that SRPK1 increases as the cancer gets more aggressive. Researchers found that drugs known as Sphinx compounds, designed to inhibit SRPK1, suppressed tumour growth in mice when injected three times a week.

Man jailed for $5m violin heist

The man accused of the theft of a 300-year-old, $5 million Stradivarius violin that was snatched from a musician in Milwaukee has been sentenced to seven years in prison.

The centuries-old instrument was stolen in January by Salah Salahadyn, 42, from Frank Almond, a concertmaster at the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, as he walked to his vehicle following a performance. Almond was attacked with a stun gun during the theft.