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Judge gives break to irate driver who had no insurance


Louis Diasivi refused to give gardai his details when stopped

Louis Diasivi refused to give gardai his details when stopped

Louis Diasivi refused to give gardai his details when stopped

A man who was caught driving without insurance for a second time refused to give gardai his details and told them: "This is a f**king joke."

Louis Diasivi became angry when gardai saw him driving a Honda Civic near his home.

The 22-year-old told gardai he "only moved it to change the tyres", Balbriggan District Court heard.


When they demanded his details, Diasivi failed to give them and became irate.

The defendant, of Cardy Rock Crescent, Balbriggan, pleaded guilty to driving without insurance, driving without a licence and failing to tell gardai who was driving the vehicle last September 19 on the Cardy Rock estate.

Diasivi had two previous convictions, including one from 2016 for having no insurance.

Defence solicitor Fiona D'Arcy said the defendant now had insurance and a licence.

"His previous conviction was at 19 and he made a huge mistake then and shouldn't have repeated it," she said.

"He apologises and said he panicked on the day. He was nervous and didn't deal with it in an appropriate way. Instead, he buried his head in the sand."

Ms D'Arcy said the defendant now had a job as a courier but would lose it if he received a disqualification.

"It's a big ask, but he is asking for any sanction bar a disqualification," she said, adding that he "seems to have matured and is now on the right track".

Judge Brennan said he had noted that if the defendant lost his driving licence he would lose his job.

"He is a young man and he now has insurance," he said.

"He is setting out on his career and it would be disproportionate and harsh if he was to lose his job."

The judge said he would give the defendant a chance and not impose a driving ban.

"He better take it," Judge Brennan said. "My other issue is the way he spoke to the gardai. People panic and don't give guff to the gardai."

He fined Diasivi €500 for having no insurance and €100 for failing to give gardai his details.