Thursday 21 March 2019

Judge Brian hits back after dancer Ryan claims Anna 'marked down'

Anna Geary and Ryan McShane
Anna Geary and Ryan McShane

Judge Brian Redmond has hit back at dancer Ryan McShane for accusing the panel of marking down Anna Geary on Dancing With The Stars.

McShane, who was partnered with GAA star Geary for switch-up week, said the judges were consistently giving her lower marks than she deserved.

However, Redmond has insisted that Anna and McShane's score of 22 out of 30 was fair and her Sunday night perform- ance was not her best to date.

"Ryan and I have known one another for a long time and we know what the other is. In general, we do get on," said Redmond.

"Ryan has his opinions, which he obviously voiced, and we as judges have our own.

Brian Redmond
Brian Redmond

"I double-checked all Anna's scores and she has averaged just under 7.5 out of 10 for the series and that's pretty good.


"I don't think she has been undermarked, but that's how Ryan feels."

Redmond insisted the judges always take the celebrities on a week-by-week case and only judge the performance they give on the night. Nothing they have done previously has a bearing.

"We try to make sure we are always marking what we see, rather than the personality behind it," he told The Ryan Tubridy Show on 2fm.

"They might have given a performance last week they didn't like, but you have to put that behind you and just mark what you see."

Redmond went on to say that the celebrities get a lot of support from their professional partners during the week and it can come as a shock when they don't receive universal praise from the judges on Sunday night.

"The celebrity and the pro are a team. They'll believe what they get from the pro and they will give more weight to it than our comments," he said.

"We have different jobs to do. When you're surrounded for days by positivity and then things don't go the way you thought they would go, that can be a shock sometimes."

TV presenter Maia Dunphy has said she was upset to have left the show, which Redmond thought showed how much she really cared about it.

"Nobody wants to be going home, that's the first thing," he said.

"Maia was very disappointed to go home last week, which I think is a good thing because it shows how much she was enjoying the whole process."

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