Thursday 18 January 2018

Joy for RTE star Louise as she says she's cancer-free

Broadcaster Louise McSharry has revealed she is cancer free.

The 2fm presenter has been open about her cancer battle since being diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma last August.

A number of weeks ago, Louise revealed that she had finished her chemotherapy sessions and was waiting for test results to find out if she was finished treatment.

"So Daffodil Day seems like the perfect day to tell you that I got the results of my scan and I don't have cancer any more," she said yesterday.

"It turns out modern medicine is very effective. Also, the incredible staff of Vincent's Ward in the Mater are unstoppable.

"Thinking a lot about people still dealing with cancer or have just been diagnosed. I won't ever stop I don't think, as I have been so lucky.

"You are all incredibly kind and I really appreciate all the warmth you've shown today and throughout," she added.

When she was diagnosed last year, Louise remained positive about the months ahead, although she did admit that chemo left her with a "three-day hangover".

"I'm going to do six months of chemotherapy, it's going to be rough but at the end of it they're going to tell me that I'm cured and I can go back to my life," she said at the time.


"In case anyone was wondering, at its kindest, chemo basically gives you a three-day hangover without any of the joy of actually getting drunk and having fun.

"Although its life-saving capabilities are said to be worthwhile," she added.

Louise (31) has been off air since her diagnosis but returned to the airwaves for a one-off show on New Year's Day and is hoping to return to 2fm full-time in the coming weeks.

She has also been planning her wedding to her fiance Gordon Spierin, which is set to take place this summer.

"We're having it down in Cork and I'm starting to feel like I have a picture of what I want - a lot of gold glitter, that's my main focus at the moment," she told the Herald recently.

"We're keeping the venue itself private. My boyfriend would kill me if I told everybody, he's like 'we have to some things for ourselves'."


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