Wednesday 16 October 2019

Josh hasn't missed school in 13 years - and has never been late

Joshua Kirwan (left) celebrates with his schoolmates in Dunleer. Photo: Seamus Farrelly
Joshua Kirwan (left) celebrates with his schoolmates in Dunleer. Photo: Seamus Farrelly
Joshua Kirwan with his principal Eilis Flood

A student who has never missed a day of school in 13 years has been honoured for his dedication.

Louth teenager Joshua Kirwan said he follows the advice of his mum, who told him: "If you commit to something, always give it 100pc."

Joshua (17) received the Lifetime Achievement in Attendance Award at the end-of-year prize-giving ceremony at Scoil Ui Mhuiri in Dunleer.

The award was for full attendance of his five years post-primary education and included his eight years at Callystown National School in Clogherhead.


Not only did he not miss a day, he was never late once in all those years.

Joshua, from Clogherhead, is now gearing up for his Leaving Certificate and hopes the full attendance will stand him in good stead for the exams.

"I always enjoyed school, meeting up with my friends, and would always like to think that I was a hard worker," Joshua said.

"As the years went by and I kept getting recognition for not missing a day, it became like a competition for me to beat. I didn't want to miss a day and spoil that record.

"Thankfully, I hadn't any serious illnesses in school term. I even managed to get the chickenpox during the school holidays.

"My mum always told me that if I commit to something and put my name to anything, I should give it 100pc, so I try to live up to that.

"I haven't missed a day of school, so hopefully all that education will stand to me in the Leaving Certificate.

"I've had a lot of support and encouragement over the years from my parents, teachers and sports coaches, so a big shout out to them.

"Even in sport, it could be wet and windy weather that you wouldn't put a dog out in, but I've never missed training. My motto was always get up, lace up and show up."

Scoil Ui Mhuiri principal Eilis Flood said: "It's very rare to see a student who hasn't missed a day at all in both national and post-primary education.

"Joshua is an amazing all- rounder academically, sporting and socially.

"He's great craic, but also enormously respectful and polite, and we've no doubt any employer will be delighted to have him in whatever career path he chooses."

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