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Johnny a dab hand at decorating, says Maia

MAIA Dunphy moved to London earlier this year to live with her husband Johnny Vegas - and the biggest challenge so far has been his love of interior decorating.

The RTE presenter said they have settled in to living together for the first time since their wedding in March 2011.

Before taking the plunge, the Dalkey woman joked that their honeymoon was the longest time they had ever spent together.

"Our biggest difference of opinion so far would be about decor," Maia said.

"My friends think I'm so lucky because Johnny is so into interior design - he even subscribes to Elle Decor. He's got amazing taste."

However, trying to accommodate all of their possessions into one apartment after three years of living apart is proving difficult.

"It's brilliant in one way, but in another we both have a life's worth of things," said Maia.

But bit by bit they're getting there, and living under the same roof has been "a joy".


Maia is well-known through her TV work here, but she said her comic husband draws a lot more attention when he visits Ireland.

"I only get recognised very occasionally and even then it's just someone nice saying, 'Oh, I love your show'," she said.

"But for Johnny it's a different story altogether.

"People will walk over to him in a bar and hand him a pint and say, 'I want to sit here and get drunk with you', but he's just trying to have a cup of tea with me.

"I would bet Bono can sit in a bar in Dublin and people will just whisper about him in the corner but not go over.

"Johnny's nice to everyone, but his pet hate is if we're out and someone takes a sneaky snap."

The couple's new love nest means that they can spend much more time together with Johnny's 11-year old son.

"It's been amazing. We've gone from this family who see each other twice a month to sitting down to breakfast every morning," said Maia.

The 38-year-old will return to our screens on Thursday for a second series of What Women Want on RTE2.