Friday 15 December 2017

Jodi bravely tells of post-baby blues

Jodi Albert has opened up on-air about her battle with post-natal depression and revealed that she plans to write a book which will tackle the issue of the baby-blues.

Kian Egan's gorgeous other half suffered from post-natal depression after the birth of son Koa in December 2011.

"I didn't actually realise I had it," she said, adding that she didn't deal with the stress that was building up while she was pregnant.

"I think because I was pregnant I suppressed a lot of it and my main concern was that the baby was safe. When the baby was out, it was me that was not that great afterwards," she explained.

During her pregnancy her mum was ill and she was also dealing with the sudden change in her life that came with the break-up of Westlife.

The brave mum praised her husband of five years for helping her to cope with her temporary struggle and for assuming his share of parental responsibility.

"He is an incredible dad," she gushed.

Recognising that all was not well was the first step towards recovery, she told 2fm's Ryan Tubridy, who was broadcasting from Sligo yesterday.


After three therapy sessions the one-time member of the band Girl-Thing turned her hand to writing about her experiences.

Though it wasn't planned, she now has the outline of 
a book dealing with motherhood and post-natal depression.

She said she decided to talk openly about her experience in a bid to comfort other women who may be going through the same thing.

"I tend to talk a lot about it to women now because I think when you've got it you feel quite ashamed," she said. "For me I just felt like people might think I wasn't a good mum or that I was depressed and it might have affected how I looked after Koa and that wasn't the case at all."


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