Thursday 18 January 2018

Jet hits cow and skids off runway

A jet carrying 117 people hit a cow while landing and skidded off a runway in eastern Indonesia.

No injuries were reported, but the incident forced the cancellation of flights, stranding hundreds of passengers travelling for the Eid holiday.

The incident occurred on Tuesday night as the Boeing 737-800 was landing on Sulawesi island with 110 passengers and seven crew.

Three cows were on the runway, and the plane hit at least one of them and careened off the runway.


A thief masquerading as a rich property investor is suspected of stealing jewellery worth £500,000 (€580k) from Bernie Ecclestone's daughter's mansion during a viewing.

The items vanished from Petra Ecclestone's £32m (€37m) central London home when the man, posing as 'Oleg from Kazakhstan', viewed a few weeks ago.

Miss Ecclestone (24) was out at the time but when she returned she discovered a pair of diamond ear-rings and a diamond Rolex watch had disappeared from a bedroom nightstand.


An escape artist has parachuted safely to the ground after freeing himself from handcuffs and a locked coffin while it was falling at 130mph from 14,500ft.

Anthony Martin landed softly in a field in Illinois, about 70 miles from Chicago.

Martin (47) had been locked in the plywood box with his hands cuffed to a belt and his right arm chained to the inside of the box.


The owner of an Oregon tattoo shop is accused of trying shoot the owner of another tattoo parlour to eliminate his competition in the coastal town of Coquille.

Bay Area Ink owner David Edgar Wonnacott is charged with attempted murder, assault and being a felon in possession of a gun.

He is alleged to have assaulted Flying Chicken Tattoo owner Brian Graham. Graham told police that Wonnacott pointed a gun at him and said, "You're in the wrong town."

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