Sunday 16 December 2018

jen hints at baby boy but amy doesn't know

RTE's Jennifer Maguire may have let slip that she's having a baby boy, but Amy Huberman is happy to keep her bump a surprise.

Funnywoman Jennifer has been keeping fans up to date through Twitter, and on Saturday gave an inkling into the sex of her first born.

"I just realised I may have a tiny p***s growing inside me. Pregnancy thoughts," she wrote.

However, Brian O'Driscoll and wife Amy are waiting until the delivery to find out the sex of their second child.

"We're not necessarily hoping it will be a boy. Either way it will be great if Sadie has a sister or a brother," Amy said.

"It's tempting to find out the sex, but we're not going to... for now." Amy and Jen both announced their happy news during a celebrity baby boom last month.

Other famous mums-to-be who said they were expecting included Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, The Saturday's singer Una Foden and singer Samantha Mumba.

Amy was able to keep her and Brian O'Driscoll's happy news secret until she was seven months pregnant, while Jen found out she was expecting while on her honeymoon.


"My honeymoon, supposed to be the greatest holiday of my life, was my worst experience of being abroad," she said on her 2FM show.

"I cried so much because I was so ill. I couldn't even go for dinner with Lau (her husband) because I couldn't stand.

"I could only eat bananas and Special K for three weeks.

"I'm past the sick stage, thank God, but there are still moments of feeling rough.

"I've actually come to the conclusion that women are liars - you feel crap - and I'm going to keep a journal so later on I can remind myself how bad it was when considering another baby."


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