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Jay's rent woes look over as he toasts stunning new restaurant

Jay Bourke has high hopes for his impressive new restaurant -- because he doesn't have to contend with "nasty boom-time rents".

Mr Bourke -- who has had problems with landlords in the past -- is to open his new eatery Eden Bar & Grill on South William Street on Monday.

"I am optimistic. Rents have come down and Ireland has become a much more competitive place to do business in," he said.

Mr Bourke, whose past business difficulties have been well documented, said rents shot up suddenly during the boom.

"I'm not a property man but that happened a lot. This (Eden Bar & Grill) has the advantage of not having one of those nasty, boom-time upward-only rent reviews," he said.

Of the new premises, he said: "We're very happy. We think it's beautiful... It's a very elegant old building with skylights.


"It's very pretty. It's exciting and the food is beautiful and it's good value I think. It's a beautiful looking space and it's very unusual. It's very spacious, very luxurious and very interesting on the eye."

A main course is to cost between €14 and €21. Mr Bourke described the prices as pitched at the "value end of things".

"We try hard to charge a fair price. Value is really important. It's the be all and end all of any consumer product," he said.