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Jason does a 'Moone Boy' about growing up in '80s Dublin


Jason Byrne

Jason Byrne

Jason Byrne

Remember growing up in Dublin in the 1970s and '80s?

Well comedian Jason Byrne, from Ballinteer, certainly does and has put his boyhood memories together for an autobiography - Adventures of a Wonky-Eyed Boy.

"My book is all about growing up in Dublin because Moone Boy (by Chris O'Dowd) did the country-style job and mine is the working class city version.

"We weren't poor but we weren't rich, it was that middle bit. So it's about camping and school and girlfriends and all sorts of stuff," Jason said.

The book romanticises about a time when "your brother persuaded you to eat the grease behind the cooker by telling you it was caramel, your house was blown up by lightening, your dad mixed up the toothpaste and the a**e-cream, and you fell asleep every Sunday night to the sound of one of the neighbours, who were all named Paddy, drunkenly singing Magic Moments in the good front room."

Jason also recalled when his dad saved him from his mum after being caught smoking.

"My mum once caught me with cigarettes - ten John Player Blue - which I had put down the front of my trousers and I walked into the house with my mate and up to the bedroom and put them on the bed.

"But then me ma walked in and went spare and gave out yards to me and my mate.

"But my da came in asking 'what was going on'. When me ma turned to him he just said: 'There they are, I was wondering where I left them' and he took the cigarettes saying they were his.

"Then he had to smoke John Player for the rest of the day and he hated them but he took a hit for the boys."

Jason described himself as a "hyper kid".

"When I was in the Isle of Man on holidays my mother took me to the doctor and he asked 'What are you doing here, is he sick?' She went, 'No. he just won't stop running around the hotel room'.

"The doctor said: 'Well he's just missing his friends'. I was mad as a kid. Now kids have ADD and whatever it's called, and I think I was just a broken kid as we weren't diagnosed then. I think it's also known as that little pr**k," he laughed.

"You know when you're in someone's house now and there's a kid hanging out of your curtains and the parents go 'I'm very sorry he has FOFOHCO or whatever' but years ago your mother would have just booted you," Jason said.

"I wasn't annoying and hyper though because I lived in a housing estate with loads of other kids and we just did loads of mad s**t together".