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Japan forced to ground all new Boeings

Japan's airlines grounded all their Boeing 787 Dreamliners today for safety checks.

The move came hours after one of the 787s operated by All Nippon Airways made an emergency landing in western Japan after a cockpit message showed battery problems, the latest in a series of failings, including a battery fire and fuel leaks.

The transport ministry said it received notices from ANA, which operates 17 Dreamliners, and Japan Airlines, which has seven, that none of their 787s would be flying.

The grounding was being done voluntarily by the airlines, but the ministry said it was categorising the latest problem as a 'serious incident' that could have led to an accident.

ANA's flight to Tokyo from Ube in western Japan landed at Takamatsu airport.

The US government is conducting a review to find out what caused a fire, a fuel leak and other worrisome incidents with Boeing's newest and most technologically advanced jet.

Japanese airlines are the first to roll out the 787. Boeing has said that technical problems are to be expected in the early days of any aircraft model.