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Jamie's killer looks are a perfect fit for psycho Paul

It's all in the eyes.

The Fall's Aisling Franciosi believes Jamie Dornan is so convincing as a beautiful serial killer because of his modelling past - and how he gets his message across with his eyes.

Aisling (20) is known for playing babysitter Katie, the teenage temptress in the Belfast-based drama.

There is often sparse dialogue in the creepy drama and Aisling feels that Jamie knows how to communicate as killer Paul Spector with more than words because of his experience as a model.


"Allan Cubitt - who created and writes the show - said that he quite likes using actors who are able to say things with their eyes. I'm not saying I can do that but he seems to think I can," she said.

"But I think that's the one of the reasons that Jamie Dornan is so good, and obviously Gillian Anderson too. As a model Jamie had to learn how to send something across with his eyes without actually saying anything, and that really helped the performance because you can read so much without him saying anything," she added.

Her character Katie comes to the fore in season two and Aisling says it's exciting to have a bigger role this time around.

"With Katie, there is definitely a troubled side to her. She initially seemed in season one a slightly rebellious and precocious teenager who is kind of coming into being aware of her sexuality, but actually in season two you start to realise that it's a bit more than that, there's something else going on," she revealed.


"I quite like trying to portray stuff through the thought process of actually seeing the character think. I really liked that about The Fall and I hope it comes across," she said.

Aisling has starred in mini series Quirke with Gabriel Byrne and is hoping her more prominent role in The Fall will take her career to the next level.

"People aren't falling over backwards offering me things but I am hoping season two will add some fuel to the fire because I have some interesting scenes and storylines coming up," she added.