Monday 18 February 2019

Jailed brother heard Derek's murder on illegal phone and 'went mental'

The scene of Saturday’s killing
The scene of Saturday’s killing

A younger brother of feud murder victim Derek Coakley Hutch heard him being shot dead via a mobile phone during an organised drug drop in west Dublin, the Herald can reveal.

Nathan Coakley Hutch, who was jailed last year, was talking to the two men who had driven to the Bridgeview halting site near Wheatfield Prison with Derek on Saturday when the shots rang out just before 3pm.

Nathan Hutch (24) is understood to have "gone mental" following the brutal execution of brother Derek (27), who was blasted a number of times in the head and body.

Senior investigators say Derek Hutch drove to the halting site with his two associates to throw a parcel of drugs over the prison wall. While Derek stayed with the car, his associates made their way to the rear of the site which backs on to the prison.

They then made contact with Nathan Hutch by phone to inform him the drop was taking place. Nathan Hutch is believed to have an illegally held phone in jail.

While the drop was occurring, shots rang out in the background. He heard the gunfire and a situation of instant panic developed both inside and outside the prison.

The Herald can also reveal that within hours of the killing, a senior Hutch associate and top Kinahan target - James 'Mago' Gately, was back in Dublin looking for revenge.

'Mago' had previously fled to the North after he was shot and injured in a murder attempt last year. Gately (30) was targeted in a hit attempt outside the Topaz Garage in Clonshaugh, north Dublin, last May.

It is also believed that members of Traveller gangs are now aligning themselves to the Hutch thugs, and gardai fear a backlash to the latest killing of a Hutch family member.

Gardai suspect the latest murder was ordered by a feared criminal in the north inner city who was recently branded a "rat" by members of the Hutch gang. The threat against him escalated dramatically after he was blamed for a savage knife attack last month on a 32-year-old man who is closely linked to the Hutch mob.


Last week, the Herald reported how two loaded handguns seized in a garda raid were part of a plan to lure the Kinahan criminal to his death after graffiti branding him "a rat" was scrawled across the north inner city.

The two handguns, which were seized at the Liberty House apartment complex in the north inner city on Friday, January 12, belonged to the Hutch gang.

The firearms were primed and ready for use against the 28-year-old criminal who has become one of the Kinahan cartel's main men in the gang war which has claimed 14 lives.

This man has been blamed for being the "eyes and ears" of the Kinahan cartel in the Hutch heartland of the north inner city since the feud kicked off two years ago.

"This Kinahan lookout believes the guns that were seized were to be used by the Hutch side to kill him, and he decided on Saturday's murder as revenge," said one source.

"He has been aware that members of the Hutch family and their associates have been making regular drops of drugs to Wheatfield to keep Nathan Hutch and his relative Derek 'Del Boy' Hutch supplied while behind bars, and saw that as his opportunity," they added.

Garda sources have also revealed that a shoe or runner found at the scene does not belong to one of the attackers, but to one of the two men who were with the victim.

Sources believe drugs worth up to €3,000 a week have been making their way over the walls of the jail and that the criminal knew when Saturday's drop would take place.

The main suspect for pulling the trigger is a man who received a punishment shooting for allegedly stealing drugs.

The two men who had accompanied Derek Hutch to the drug drop in Clondalkin were a close relative and a man whose brother was a victim of an inner city murder attempt last year.

At a press briefing yesterday, Supt John Gordon, from Lucan Garda Station, said that investigators were looking for information on two vehicles they believe were used as getaway cars from the shooting.


Gardai are asking the public for information on a black VW Golf which was seen driving from the Bridgeview site and was found on fire around 1km away on Crag Avenue. A second car, a black Toyota Avensis, was later found burnt out in Darndale on the north of the city.

"We would like the public's assistance in the movement of the black VW Golf with the registration 05-CE-1675, which was found burnt out nearby shortly afterwards, and subsequent to that, at approximately 6.25pm, a black Toyota Avensis with the registration 04-D-72956, which was found burnt out at the rear of the Snowdrop Walk in Darndale," Supt Gordon said.

Derek Hutch's mother, Noeleen Coakley Hutch (45), attended the murder scene on Saturday. The previous day she had been awarded €28,000 for a traffic accident. She was married to Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch's brother Derek Hutch, who took his own life in 2009.

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