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I've no idea how Kim stands all those cameras

watching my new RTE show, Vogue Does the Afterlife, I've just realised - I'm such an ugly crier.

The programme is going to air on December 18 and I'm so excited to see it.

I've been onto the producers to see the whole show but they've only sent me parts of it.

It looks really good so far and I think I'm going to be really happy with it - but there are parts where I cry and I'm like, "ugh, I'm such an ugly crier".

It's sort of like a documentary, I'll be looking at whether there's such a thing as the afterlife and I'll be chatting to mediums and psychics.

Brian and I also recently filmed a new fly-on-the-wall show called Seven Days with ITV.

The show aired a few weeks ago but they followed us around as we went about our day in London.

It was a full week with the cameras around and to be honest it wasn't easy, I don't know how people like the Kardashians (inset below)do it every day!

I have a good few shows in the pipeline - next year is going to be really busy. I've got four TV programmes lined up, two of them are with ITV, a third programme with another broadcaster in England and one with RTE.


I'm going to be doing another documentary with RTE and I'm going to start filming it in either January or February.

It's all about the Leaving Cert, so I can't wait to look into it further.

I didn't get my first choice but my step-dad got me into a course in Aberdeen in Scotland so I moved over there and did Construction Design and Management.

So I'm interested to talk to young people and look into the different options that students have when they leave school.