Thursday 17 January 2019

'I've had men tell me I saved their life', says Brian on cancer diagnosis

Brian Kennedy has encouraged men to have cancer checks
Brian Kennedy has encouraged men to have cancer checks

Brian Kennedy has revealed four men have sent him letters thanking him for helping them catch their cancer early.

The Belfast man (50) revealed last September that he was battling rectal cancer and described his diagnosis as a "huge shock".

The singer encouraged men to get themselves checked, which has led to people coming forward and thanking him for sharing his story.

"I have had four different men in the last two months who have wrote to me and said because of my interview, they got tested and found cancer early.

"The title of the guy's letter was, You Saved My Life.

"If you saved one person's life, isn't it worth everything? It's incredible."


Kennedy caught his cancer early and has responded well to treatment.

He is keeping his fingers crossed that he will be free of the disease by the end of the year.

"To be cancer-free would be good. My health is great, really good. I'm going through all my treatment and I'm doing well. I just keep it going," he told the Herald.

Kennedy's brother Bap, also a well known singer, had been diagnosed with pancreatic and bowel cancer only months before his younger brother.

The singer was admitted to the Marie Curie Hospice for pain management after receiving the shattering news that his illness was terminal.

He passed away last November, and Brian was by his side shortly before his death.

The brothers had been estranged for several years but reunited last summer.

The former Eurovision entrant advised anyone diagnosed with cancer to listen to their doctors and pointed out that many forms of the disease are treatable.


"The good news is lots of cancers are really fixable and they're really treatable. Listen to your doctor, listen to your surgeon," he said.

"Don't miss your treatment and try and keep it as positive as possible. Certainly, don't be afraid in the GP stage of things to get a second opinion."

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