Monday 16 December 2019

'I've had enough of living in Ireland' - US citizen Becca (23) after teen gang attack

US citizen Becca Krist and her husband Pat were attacked by a gang of teenage thugs called ‘The Untouchables’
US citizen Becca Krist and her husband Pat were attacked by a gang of teenage thugs called ‘The Untouchables’

An American woman says she may move back to the US after she was attacked by a gang of teenagers while a group of adults looked on.

"The grown-ups just stood there. It was like we were a TV show," said Becca Krist, from Boston.

The 23-year-old was being collected from work by her husband Pat and mother-in-law Jana Ruperte when they were "jumped" by the teenage gang, which call themselves "The Untouchables".

Jana (44) was head-butted as she tried to pull five boys off her son during the attack in Trim, Co Meath, and Becca had her hair torn out as she tried to fend off two teenage girls.


Now Becca has panic attacks every time she sees teenagers - and is considering moving back to Boston.

She is also frustrated with the apparent lack of progress in investigations into the incident, which occurred on March 29.

She also believes Irish laws are soft on minors.

The beauty therapist has spoken of the attack in the wake of a recent public meeting on the growth of antisocial behaviour among teenagers in Trim.

She fears that if action is not taken people will take matters into their own hands.

Describing her ordeal, Becca said: "Pat collected me from work at 8pm.

Thugs head-butted Jana Ruperte during the attack
Thugs head-butted Jana Ruperte during the attack

"As we walked through a car park a gang of teenagers started taunting us.

"I told them where to go and kept on walking. Then a girl began screaming at me while another came out of nowhere and went to swing at me.

"Pat tried to push her away, but she punched him on the side of the head.

"We kept on walking, but somehow we got separated. When I turned around, Pat was on the ground with five boys - no more than 14 years old - kicking him.

"His mother ran from her car to help him, but one of them head-butted her in the face."

Becca said she could not understand why a group of adults looked on and did nothing to help.

"They were watching like we were a TV show. I shouted at them to call gardai, but they didn't. They said they thought we were just fighting among ourselves."

The US citizen says she is frustrated at the lack of action taken against the teenagers.

"They seem to be getting away with everything. Some people are too afraid to report incidents," she said. "We reported what happened and got witness statements, but when I called the gardai for an update on Friday, I was told there was none.

"I was diagnosed with post-stress disorder in the US when I was 14, and this attack has made it worse.

"I quit working in Trim and am now working in Blanchardstown.

"I've been living in Ireland for five years and loved the town of Trim but this has ruined it for me."

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