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I've had a hectic couple of weeks with two TV shows and radio every morning

It's been a crazy few weeks with Republic Of Telly kicking off.

The first show aired this week and did really well, so I was very happy with the amazing response to all our sketches.

I can't believe it's season 11 already, it's quite an achievement. We've done over 120 episodes and myself and Bernard O'Shea (inset) have been there since episode one and there's still an audience for it which is brilliant.

We are still filming and things can get a little hectic with the breakfast show in the early morning then running over to the TV building to film sketches for Republic, but it's so worth it.

Its always a great laugh and although a little tiring, I love doing it.

We had to factor in how far I could travel because of the radio show and everything, so we focused more on sketches for this season.

I have had to stop doing a lot of vox pops because of the pregnancy but the sketches - especially Nidgella - have been a lot of fun.

We did more Bridget and Eamon sketches, we've done about seven and they felt really, really funny. When we were filming them, we couldn't stop laughing.

This season definitely feels really funny so hopefully that comes across on screen.

We've had a good few familiar faces come on board and it's so nice that people still want to be on the show.

We have had Angela Scanlon, Blanaid Ni Cofaigh, Norma Sheehan, Gary Cooke to name a few great people who have taken part so far - oh and Rosanna Davison in a cabbage bikini.

Fair play to Rosanna, she doesn't take herself too seriously and we had a great laugh. She can definitely carry off a cabbage bikini.


This week has been busy with meetings for a new show I'm presenting with Darren Kennedy.

The Unemployables is a series we are making about getting people off the dole (in a nutshell).

It is an interesting one and very different for myself but I love doing it. It's been very emotional and you can't help but get emotionally attached to these people.

We have shot a pilot already and it will be aired on November 13 on RTE2 so people can get a taste for it then.

Working with Darren was great as he is such a professional and great fun.

This show is very close to us as it was our idea and something we both really wanted to do - so nerve-wracking, but very exciting.

So it's been really busy with everything but as they say, no rest for the wicked, and to be honest I'm loving every minute of it.