Thursday 22 August 2019

It's soup season and I love it!

It's soup season and I love it! From restorative chicken soup to vibrant vegetable-packed pots of goodness and spicy Asian-inspired broths, a bowl of delicious, homemade soup is the culinary equivalent of a good, comforting hug.

Nothing beats tucking into a steaming bowl of soup on a cold day. The perfect after-school snack or late-night supper, soup makes a nutritious meal that can be elevated to teatime status with a side of grilled cheese.

If you've always reached for a can or sachet, it's probably because you haven't realised how ridiculously simple soup making can be.

Homemade stock is preferable, but it shouldn't stop you tackling a soup recipe. If making your own stock seems too time-consuming, don't shy away from a quality brand such as Marigold Swiss vegetable bouillon powder or Kallo stock cubes. Less salty than other brands, they'll speed things up but still deliver a great soup that tastes delicious.


Like many casseroles and stews, soup often tastes better a day after it has been made. Get in the habit of cooking a batch after dinner once a week and you'll have a meal in a pot ready to re-heat and serve when your troops come home hungry the next day.

Soup freezes well, and doubling a recipe will give you a batch to stash in the freezer. From a basic vegetable soup using the leftovers in the fridge to a simple carrot and orange broth, soup should be in every home cook's repertoire.

Both of today's recipes are easy to cook, nutritious and flavoursome, making them the perfect comfort food on a crisp autumn's day.

Recipes courtesy of www. Ilovecooking.ie

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