Thursday 14 December 2017

'It's pure luck nobody was there' - shock after city pipe bomb attack

Damage to the window of the apartment after the blast. Photo: Collins
Damage to the window of the apartment after the blast. Photo: Collins

A homeowner had a lucky escape after parts of a pipe bomb planted on a car near his apartment smashed through the kitchen window.

The device exploded outside an address in the Fernleigh estate in Castleknock at 11.30pm on Monday.

In a previous incident, on April 20, a shotgun blast was fired at a ground-floor apartment of the same building, causing damage to the front door.

Gardai believe that pipe bomb was placed on a car outside the apartment targeting the same apartment targeted in the shotgun blast.

When it went off, however, shrapnel was blasted up into the window of the apartment of the innocent man.

"It's by luck that there was nobody in the kitchen. The cap of the pipe bomb came straight through the window and it would have hit anyone if they were there," the shocked homeowner told the Herald.

"Anybody walking by on the street could have been hit."

Two panes of glass in the apartment were broken by the pipe bomb fragments. The car that was targeted was also extensively damaged.

"It's worrying as this is the second attack on the street. We just hope it ends now," said the man.

In the first attack, the man living in the targeted apartment told the Herald he did not know why his home had been singled out.


In that incident, two men pulled up outside on a black motorbike. One of them fired a shot at the door before speeding away from the scene in the direction of Diswellstown Bridge and Coolmine.

Gardai said at the time they believed that the gunman had targeted the wrong house.

"This seems to be very much a case of mistaken identity. Gardai are at a loss to know why that house was shot at. It was a very reckless act," a senior source said.

"There is absolutely no intelligence to suggest that the occupants of that house are under any threat."

Speaking the day after the shooting, as he cleaned up the broken glass, the middle-aged man who lives in the targeted apartment said he was shocked at what had happened.

"I was in my bedroom when I heard a loud bang. I didn't know what it was," he said.

"Then I came out into the hall and I could see the broken glass and smell smoke, which I thought was strange.

"The neighbours and a taxi driver said two guys had driven away on a motorbike, and then I saw the damage to the door.

"It's frightening. I really don't know why this happened," said the man, who added that he has been living in the property for two years.

He said he was not involved in any dispute.

He added that whoever fired the shot may have received the wrong address.

Gardai are investigating both incidents.

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