Sunday 23 September 2018

It's official: Dublin ranked worse than Paris and London for traffic

Traffic at a stand- still on Dawson street
Traffic at a stand- still on Dawson street

DUBLIN city has one of the worst traffic gridlock problems in Europe.

The capital is ranked worse than both London and Paris when it comes to traffic jams.

And business chiefs said that they are concerned that the level of congestion is a threat to economic recovery.

The annual congestion index from sat nav maker Tom Tom found that Dublin was in ninth position while Belfast was poorer again, ranked seventh worse in Europe.

In the index of cities with fewer than 800,000 people, Dublin is ranked fourth.

The data from Tom Tom devices installed in vehicles showed that the most congested day last year was September 30.

Dublin Chamber of Commerce chief executive Gina Quinn claimed traffic congestion had been preventing companies from growing and creating jobs.

"Dublin's transport system had been creaking even in the downturn due to a failure to invest.

"With Dublin's recovery in its infancy, the pressure on infrastructure is already curtailing business activity in the city," Ms Quinn said.


"A recent poll of our member companies found that 80pc of firms believe that congestion is a competitiveness issue for Dublin.

"When you consider that within five years there will be an additional 80,000-90,000 workers coming into Dublin every day to work, the strain on our roads and our public transport infrastructure is only going to intensify."

Ms Quinn said the traffic situation in the capital was a threat to the recovery of the country.

"If the recovery is to move up through the gears, then Dublin, as the engine of the national economy, must be allowed to grow," she added.

"Dublin is responsible for 42pc of Ireland's GDP. To put that in context, London accounts for 21pc of the UK economy. We must do everything we can to ensure the Dublin region remains attractive and competitive on the world stage."

The cities with the worst traffic congestion include Istanbul, Moscow, St Petersburg, Mexico City and Chongqing.

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