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It's hard juggling children and job, says busy Colette


Colette Fitzpatrick

Colette Fitzpatrick

Colette Fitzpatrick

Broadcaster Colette Fitzpatrick has revealed that it's not easy juggling her two kids and a fast-paced job as a news anchor.

The TV3 anchor has two children, Milo and Olivia, and said that she devotes her free time to them as she's so busy during the week.

"Like any other working mother, it's just a case of diaries open and texting and ringing people for favours," she admits.


"My children are in child care during the day and my husband is freelance so we kind of mix things up a bit.

"They get collected by one person one day and the other person another day.

"And it's not perfect. It's the only works it our house," she adds.

Her husband Niall McDermott takes an equal role in parenting and they both try to spend as much time with their children as possible.

"I kind of devote all of the evenings (to them) - I don't work in the evenings and I don't work at all at the weekends and I give them all of my time then because in fairness I'm out-sourcing most of my parenting during the week," she reveals.

"So that's the kind of general rule in our house, that we spend evenings and weekends with them so they get as much face time with us as they can get."

Colette was joined by Milo and Olivia (inset above) as TV3 and its official charity, The Children's Medical and Research Foundation, launched the #Kiss4Crumlin campaign.

The online campaign aims to raise awareness and some much needed funds for Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin.