Wednesday 20 February 2019

'It's great to spend quality time with Kevin again' - Anna

GAA star Anna Geary has been dating Kevin Sexton for more than two years
GAA star Anna Geary has been dating Kevin Sexton for more than two years

She described Dancing With The Stars as one of the best things she has ever done, but Anna Geary is relieved she is able to spend more time with her other half Kevin Sexton now the show has ended.

The Cork woman (30) threw herself into the competition full time and didn't see as much of her partner while she endured endless hours of rehearsals.

"Definitely for us, 17 weeks is quite a long time, we were often like ships in the night," she said

"It's nice to be able to spend quality time with him again and talk to each other about each other's days."

The couple have been dating for more than two years with Anna moving in with the GAA executive in February of last year. Although they were apart for much of the production, Anna reckons the RTE show changed her for the better. "It definitely changed me for the better. There were some days you'd struggle and be tired and frustrated.

"I've always been open to new experiences and it took me out of my comfort zone. I was on a high," she told the Herald.

She reached the final along with Deirdre O'Kane and Jake Carter, who won the show with his dance partner Karen Byrne.

The GAA star was consistently one of the top performing celebrities on the second series, although dancer Ryan McShane accused the judging panel of marking her unfairly at one point during the competition.

While she was a favourite among the audience, Anna didn't go through the 12 weeks without being on the receiving end of online abuse.


"There were trolls. My friend managed my social media and he would delete comments.

"I don't mind people expressing an opinion, but it's just nasty and it's someone who is having a crap day and wants to make everyone else feel like crap," she said. "You get 100 really nice comments and one negative one, you tend to focus on the negative one.

"My friend deleted them and it was great because then it was just constructive criticism or positive.

"Often I suppose people judge you when they don't know you."

Anna, who was partnered with Kai Widdrington, reckons it will be strange to watch the next crop of celebrities take to the dance floor next year.

"No matter who is dancing next year, it will be very strange for us," she said.

"We will be watching them dancing with our partners. You develop a great friendship with them and it will be strange to watch it because you'll know exactly what they're going through."

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