Monday 18 December 2017

'It's good for us to have the odd row', says Maria

Former Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh and her TV producer girlfriend Shauna Keogh Picture: Mark Condren
Former Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh and her TV producer girlfriend Shauna Keogh Picture: Mark Condren

They've become one of the most talked-about couples on the Dublin social scene since announcing their relationship earlier this year.

But Maria Walsh and Shauna Keogh have insisted they're just like any other couple who have their arguments.

The former Rose of Tralee and her TV producer girlfriend have been arriving on red carpets together since last year but had previously insisted they were just friends.

The couple are now working together on an upcoming TV series they hope will air next year and their opinionated ways have seen them argue on more than one occasion.

"We are both very opinionated and we do clash heads," Shauna told the Diary.

"But that's great because it means we bring different things to the table."

There certainly was some heated debate between Mayo woman Maria and Dubliner Shauna over the All-Ireland final between their home counties that saw Dublin emerge victorious with a narrow one point victory.

The ex Philadelphia Rose (29) insisted the pair have no plans to walk up the aisle any time soon.

"Oh stop," she said when asked if she could see wedding bells in the couple's future.

"We are just lucky to be still together after the All-Ireland, never mind anything else."

The ladies hope to tackle a range of hard-hitting issues for the series they are working on.


"Myself and Shauna are going into the TV side of things, we are collaborating on a project so keep an eye out for that," Maria said.

"We're doing an observational documentary series for next year. We'll be tackling social issues with a journalistic approach," Shauna added.

Maria is also busy with her events company, Juniper and Ruby, which she founded with friend Avril Reilly.

While she is enjoying the experience of being an entrepreneur, the brunette admitted it's been no easy task.

"Events wise, it's slowly ticking away. It's really hard. Funding is really hard and marketing. When you're your own employer, it's tough, but no rest for the wicked."

Shauna believes the business industry is becoming easy to navigate for women.

"We've been at talks recently and it's great to see more women in the industry; it's good to see more women in business. It's not so scary anymore.

"I think there wasn't as much support before, but now women are speaking their mind and looking for support and not afraid to be a boss," she said.

"Anyone can start their own business. You just have to surround yourself with the right people and that will help you get to where you want to be."

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