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It's going to get milder...but wetter

WE can pack away our thermals and winter woollies -- but now it's umbrellas at the ready.

Milder temperatures will make a return this weekend -- but so will the wind and rain.

Rain and strong winds are in store in the coming days as the recent cold snap gives way to milder, unsettled weather.

And winds could even reach storm force over the weekend with flooding also a possibility.

"There will be a rapid transition from extreme cold to milder, very windy weather over the next few days," Vincent O'Shea of Met Eireann told the Herald.

"This comes with a lot of rain, which will be widespread across the country and it will stay raining for a lot of today," he added.

And a rise in temperatures could result in some flooding tonight in areas where snow is rapidly thawing, said the Irish weather service.

While night-time frost will no longer be a problem, stormy conditions are also on the cards as we approach next week.

It will be very blustery with frequent showers on Sunday and the early days of next week will see rain and strong winds every day," Mr O'Shea said.

"It will be mild with light frosts as the weather continues to be very unsettled," he added.