Monday 18 February 2019

It's Dubai-bye as Kinahan gets boot from bolthole

The Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, where Daniel Kinahan got married
The Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, where Daniel Kinahan got married

Cartel boss Christy Kinahan is set to be kicked out of Dubai following the introduction of strict new security checks.

Under the new rules, ex-pats are required to prove that they do not have a criminal record.

The 'Dapper Don' needs a work visa to stay legally. From February 4, he will have to produce a 'Good Conduct and Behaviour Certificate'.

Kinahan, who has serious drug and money-laundering convictions in Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands, is expected to be the first member of the cartel to be hit by the tough new security checks.

It is understood that the rules have been introduced by the UAE to "create a more secure community" after a number of ex-pat mobsters relocated there in recent years.


Meanwhile, Daniel Kinahan, who is now at the head of his father's drug dealing empire, will also have to produce a certificate. While he has no major convictions, it is expected that he will be deemed unsuitable for residency.

Every ex-pat will be required to produce the certificates, under the strict new security checks. They can be issued by police forces, or authorities in their home countries.

The move was outlined in a cabinet resolution in the Middle Eastern country earlier this week, and a committee was put in place to manage the process.

The state news agency, WAM, reported that in most cases, the document would be obtained from a police force or government authority in the ex-pat's home country, or from the country they have lived within for the past five years.

That document will then be attested by the UAE embassy in that country, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

Long-term residents of the UAE seeking a new visa will now have to apply to Dubai police or Abu Dhabi police for a certificate.

"I am very happy that this decree has come out and will come into action next month, because we want the quality of the workforce to add value to the country, not to burden the security forces and courts," said Hamad Al Rohoumi, the Federal National Council member for Dubai.

"We normally welcome everyone, but not anyone with a problematic background."

He said that the checks would cover all ex-pats.

"A criminal could be a senior manager of a labourer," he said.

"Just like we conduct a medical test for everyone, this is even more important to be applied to all. Someone could be recruiting a drug dealer, or a thief or a killer - it is important to make sure that everyone is checked for a disease and for a criminal history. I don't see any inconsistency in that."

The Kinahans cemented their new life in Dubai last summer when Daniel Kinahan married Caoimhe Robinson. The pair got married in July at the famous Burj Al Arab hotel in front of a host of guests from Ireland, the UK and Spain. Guest of honour was 'Dapper Don' Christy Kinahan Snr, his wife and young family, along with Christopher Jnr, who is also now based in Dubai.

Caoimhe met Daniel when she began to visit Spain with her previous partner, drug dealer Micka 'The Panda' Kelly.


He was on his way to visit their new baby when he was shot dead outside her west Dublin home five years ago.

Officers believe that Kinahan Snr retired to Dubai in recent years, leaving his sons Daniel and Christopher Jnr to run the international drug business he had built from scratch.

Following the Regency Hotel shooting, Daniel first returned to Spain but then became paranoid he could be arrested on an EU warrant and moved out to Dubai.

The Herald understands the Kinahan cartel used the nuptials as an excuse to hold a month-long crime summit.

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