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'It's crazy to have such an inappropriate shop close to a school'

angry Drumcondra residents handed in a letter of objection to the owners of a sex shop which had been due to open within 50 metres of their children's school yesterday.

The concerned parents consider the shop to be "completely inappropriate and not fitting with the suburban, residential nature of our area," according to the petition letter handed to the owner, landlord and auctioneer for the property on Richmond Road.

Only late last night did it emerge that the residents had been successful in their appeal and the contentious shop will not open in the area.

Eimear Fox, who lives within two minutes of the Play Blue adult store, said she was stunned when she heard that the shop would open so close to her home.

"We were very surprised when we heard about it," Ms Fox said.

"It's just crazy to have such an inappropriate shop so close to a school and the worst thing is that the residents have no right to put up an objection. It's just been foisted upon us," she said at a protest yesterday morning.

The shop owners had a five-year lease on the building, and were set to officially open this week.

Sheila Dunbar's son is in senior infants and she's disgusted that the advertisements are in the window.

"The boy's school is just across the road, and you can see it from their yard. They're in that school from 8am to 6pm, so it's not nice to be looking over at this," she told the Herald.

"Especially when they have advertisements for toys in the window. They'll all be asking questions.

"I don't think there's a need for something like this these days, when you can get these sort of things on the internet - maybe in the inner city, but not Drumcondra, especially a residential area," she added.

The mum-of-three doesn't think many people will visit the shop, given the location.

Chris Vekic's son is in the school, but he didn't expect the protest to change the mind of the owners.

"It depends what their aim is, if it's monetary reasons and they think money is going to be made here, they probably won't give in, but this is a great show of strength from the community," he said.