Monday 11 December 2017

It'll be strange to read Bressie's book about his depression struggle, says Roz


Bressie and Roz
Bressie and Roz

Model Roz Purcell has admitted reading Bressie's book about his experience of depression and anxiety might upset her.

Bressie's first book, Me and My Mate Jeffrey, is due out next week. Roz said she's "so proud" of her boyfriend - even though she hasn't read it yet.

"I can't wait to read it, but obviously it's a very deep book and it's very brave for him to talk so openly about what he went through," she said.

"Parts of it might be upsetting to read, because I didn't know him when he was at that stage of his life, when everything was affecting him the most. It'll be interesting to see what it was really like for him.

"Obviously, I know quite a bit about his life, but it'll be interesting to read from start to finish.

"It'll be strange," she added.

Roz (24) has just put the finishing touches to her upcoming cookbook, Natural Born Feeder, but said she didn't help her musician boyfriend with his autobiography.

"The first copy actually arrived to the house on Tuesday, so I'd say it was so surreal for him," she said.

"Obviously, mine's coming out soon and I can't wait to get hold of mine, so I was like 'How do you feel?'. I'd say it's kind of weird holding a book with you on the front cover."

While the former Miss Universe Ireland is the darling of Ireland's health food scene, she said Bressie wouldn't have a chance at a cook book - because all his dishes "taste the same".

"It'd be funny, because there'd be so many different recipes, but they'd all taste the same … like there'd be a stew or a curry, or whatever and they all taste the same," she told VIP magazine.


"He is quite a good cook though. He's really healthy now - he's into his juicing, and getting all his veggies. He was terrible before."

Meanwhile, she said his healthy attitude towards mental health had rubbed off on her.

"He's been a great influence on me with mindfulness and not letting the little things getting to you," she said.

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