Friday 18 January 2019

'It will be hard to call', says dance show favourite Dayl

Dayl Cronin praised Des Bishop and Aidan O’Mahony
Dayl Cronin praised Des Bishop and Aidan O’Mahony

Dayl Cronin may be one of the favourites to take home the trophy on Dancing With The Stars, but the Hometown singer reckons Des Bishop and Aidan O'Mahony could give him a run for his money.

Dayl (23) and Red Rock actress Denise McCormack have been named as the most likely winners of the show, which kicks off next Sunday. However, the Tipperary man believes his biggest competition comes in the form of comedian Des and GAA star Aidan.

"Des Bishop and Aidan O'Mahony are really good. They are ones to watch. They're putting in the work, they're great," he told the Herald.

"As the weeks go on, people will get better and better so it's going to be a tough competition."

Dayl has been dancing since the age of seven but took a break while he was performing in Hometown, so doesn't believe he has too much of an advantage over his fellow contestants.

"I'd say I'm only one of the favourites because I'm a young lad. Because of my background in dancing I'd say is why I'm tipped as one of the favourites," he said.

"I started dancing when I was seven and I did show dances. Then I started doing hip-hop at 12 and, when I was 17, I went to a performing arts college in England and I studied ballet and tap, but I was never any good at them.

"Then I got into Hometown so I haven't done any proper dancing in about three years.


"Everybody here is great and progressing so it'll be hard to call on the day."

After seeing the set for the first time, Dayl admitted his nerves have gone into overdrive and he is worried about making a slip-up on the first episode.

"We're just after seeing the set so it's kicking in now. There's been such a big hype and a build-up about it, I just pray to God I don't walk out and blank, that's my biggest fear," he said.

"It could happen with all the cameras and the lights but I've my fingers crossed it won't happen."

The singer has already sustained a few injuries in the intensive rehearsals.

"You'd need a massage person every day. My back, my legs and my shoulders are in bits. I have a couple of bruises on my thighs because we were doing a lift where my partner puts her leg on my thigh and she was wearing heels," he said.

Dayl's family can't wait to see him strut his stuff on the dance floor. "They're delighted. They're 100pc behind me and backing me all the way," he said.

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