Friday 24 November 2017

'It seems a bit pointless' - Anne Doyle on why she won't be walking up the aisle

Anne Doyle
Anne Doyle
Dan Mc Grattan and Anne Doyle

She's been with her partner for more than a decade, but Anne Doyle has insisted she has no plans to walk up the aisle.

The former RTE news anchor (63) said she is quite happy and is not at all bothered about marrying restaurateur Dan McGrattan.

"It seems a bit pointless," she said.

"I would have thought it would seem a little less obvious that in all likelihood if I've managed not to get married at this stage in my life it's kind of unlikely that I would now.

"I suppose I wouldn't see 'Will you get married?' as an obvious question because I'm not married myself and I don't have any particular wish to.

"I suppose I don't think of other people in that way."

Dan Mc Grattan and Anne Doyle

Anne Doyle and Dan McGrattan

As she grows older, the iconic presenter admitted she's happier in her relationship because she's happy with herself.

"When I was younger I probably looked more for love in other people," she said.

"The older I get, it's not that I look for love in other people … but you really have to find contentment in yourself."

After presenting the news on RTE for 33 years, Anne retired on Christmas Day, 2011 and admits she doesn't miss the workload she had to deal with in her final years.

"Because we did bulletins for Lyric and Radio One I had something every half-hour - it was a terrible pain in the arse," Anne told the latest issue of Woman's Way.

"You wouldn't have had much time to have a conversation with anyone in the latter years, so it became quite anti-social that way."

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