Friday 24 January 2020

'It hit me like ton of bricks' - Rosie helps raise €285k

Rosie Connolly Quinn at the Christmas Celebrity Ward Walk. Pic: Colin Keegan
Rosie Connolly Quinn at the Christmas Celebrity Ward Walk. Pic: Colin Keegan

Seeing sick children in hospital hit blogger Rosie Connolly Quinn, who has raised nearly €300,000 for children's hospitals right before Christmas, "like a ton of bricks".

The Dublin social media celebrity has raised more than €285,000 for Temple Street and Crumlin children's hospitals after her GoFundMe fundraiser snowballed.

Speaking to the Herald at the celebrity ward walk in Crumlin hospital, she said that visiting sick children had motivated her to fundraise for better healthcare for the kids.

"I was here in Crumlin in August and I walked the wards and it just hit me hard," Rosie said.

"Luckily, I had never been overnight in a hospital with any of my kids and when I came in, it hit me like a ton of bricks, it was really just hard to see these kids so ill and it made me realise how lucky I am with two healthy children.

"I said, I need to do something to raise the money for them, so I thought that I'll buy a Gucci handbag and give it away to get people's attention."

The campaign, which had huge traction on Instagram, reached its €5,000 target in 25 minutes and has raised over €289,000.

"People had to donate €5 and they got on board with it, but they're not even talking about the handbag any more - everyone just wanted to do their bit this Christmas.

"It's just been incredible," she added.

Rosie was among 30 Irish actors, influencers and sports stars bringing Christmas cheer to the wards of the hospital by singing carols and visiting children.

"It's really hard to see kids so sick, especially at Christmas time, but I think knowing that I'm doing something to give back and everybody has been so supportive, makes it just a little bit easier," she said.

"But it's never easy to see children so sick."

She added that she's looking forward to Christmas with her two children, Harry and Remi, and her husband Paul Quinn.

He was recently involved in a "bad crash", resulting in "cuts and bruises" but writing on social media, Rosie was relieved that he escaped without injury.


"Cuts and bruises but could have been a lot worse. Stay safe on the roads this Christmas. The car is replaceable, I'm just so glad they're OK," she wrote.

Thankfully, everybody involved in the crash walked away without serious injury.

"It was a pretty bad crash and his car is bye-bye. He won't be seeing that again, it's destroyed. But look, that's all replaceable stuff," she said on her Instagram stories.

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