Monday 28 May 2018

Is Sony's shiny new Vita console worth its €250 price tag? We put it to the test...

IT'S a device built on sheer technical wizardry.

As Sony prepares to unveil its next generation game console, I was given a sneak preview of what the brand new PlayStation Vita was all about.

On first impression, the device appears to be just like any other handheld gadget.

Yes it's sleek, shiny and it can fit in your pocket -- but is it really worth the €250 price tag, I wondered?

The console boasts everything that any on-the-go individual needs in their daily life.

It's lightning quick and churns out stunning, real-life graphics that I never thought were possible on a five-inch machine. There's no risk of bruised fingers either as the Vita is fully equipped with touch-screen features.

Sony are so excited about its new creation, that the company claims it will fulfil the dreams of gaming fans.

"PlayStation Vita is the ultimate portable gaming device and we are incredibly excited about its launch in the Irish market.

"PlayStation Vita offers Irish gaming fans everything they've been dreaming about and gives them exciting new ways to play the best games available in the market," according to Niall O'Hanrahan, Managing director of Sony Ireland.

The Vita is twice the size of the average smart phone and allows users to play all the top games, check the latest news and stay in touch with friends.

What struck me about the Vita is the sheer volume of activities you can dive into at any one time.

While downloading the latest chart music, I was able to enjoy the thrills of the computer games that everybody seems to be talking about.

The Vita truly gives a hands-on social experience.

It has Twitter. It has Flickr. It has Facebook. It allows you to stay in touch with the world of social media wherever you go.

The Vita goes on general sale in Ireland next week with the wi-fi equipped model priced at €249.99. Games for the console range in price between €9.99 and €49.99.

While it might not have done enough to fulfil my dreams, it certainly put me back in touch with my inner child for those short 10 minutes.


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