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IS it really THE END?

SPECULATION is mounting about whether the hit RTE crime drama Love/Hate will return to our screens for another series following last night's dramatic finale.

The gripping end to the fifth series of Stuart Carolan's show involved main character Nidge being shot in the chest in his back garden in front of his wife and son.

It was seemingly the end to a long-running feud between the gangster and Patrick, a bomb maker in the show.

But it also appeared to be the end of the Love/Hate story, with most of the main characters killed off.

Last month, Mr Carolan said that a sixth series was already in development.

"There's a development deal in place at the moment with RTE for a sixth one but beyond that, if I say anything beyond that, I'll mess up the deal," he said at the time.


But last night's ending has left fans questioning where the story could now go.

Today Jane Gogan, head of drama at RTE, refused to rule out another series.

"We'll reflect, we'll look, I mean it's a very big world and can extend far beyond what we've seen so far, but that decision is yet to be made," she said.

"What we always do with a series, such as Love/Hate […] is go into development immediately, while we're in transmission.

"Then we'll take time and reflect and be ready to go. That will happen over the next short while," she said, talking on RTE's Morning Ireland.

Ms Gogan was also asked where the series could go, given that most of the main characters were dead.

"That's totally up to Stuart [Carolan]. It is a world that can go in all kinds of different directions.

"Already we've seen it extending right the across Dublin, from Darndale to Foxrock to Dundrum - you know it's a very, very big world.

"It's always been a show that's set around the M50, catching the full spectrum of Dublin, and I think it's redefined Dublin in our imagination.

"There's many places it could go, but it's really up to Stuart. He's a fantastic writer. He's done something very, very spectacular, that has really caught the viewers' imagination.

"Whatever he does next, whether it's with Love/Hate or with something else, I think we can be confident it will be superb," she said.

Ms Gogan also said it was up to Mr Carolan to pronounce on whether the character of Nidge was actually dead. "But you know I think we draw our own conclusions," she added.

She said that she was delighted with how the most recent series had gone.

Meanwhile, Mary Murray, who played the character Janet in the show, said that she didn't know if the series could keep on going without Nidge.

"The writer is so brilliant, but the show is the sum of all its parts and Nidge is a huge part of that. As people would always have said 'I'm keen Nidge' or 'I'm keen Fran,' so you know it's a division of half the country. It would be an awful thing to not be able to see him on the screen on Love/Hate", she added.


"Who could take his place?" she wondered.

The actress also said that she had come to terms with the death of her character.

Ms Murray revealed that the actors in the show had not been informed about the ending and that she had watched it on television like everyone else.

Mr Carolan has previously also left the door open for the possibility of a movie version of Love/Hate.

"A Love/Hate feature film? Not immediately, no. It's hard enough just to do this [series]," he said. "We wouldn't rule it out, it's possible," the award-winning writer said last month.

Main characters apparently killed off in last night's episode included Nidge, his niece Siobhan and Janet.

Fran was also left seriously injured following a prison rape in a particularly violent scene.