Thursday 14 December 2017

Irishman allegedly put in coma by brother wants charges dropped

Brothers Barry (L) and Patrick Lyttle
Brothers Barry (L) and Patrick Lyttle
Barry Lyttle and Patrick Little in Australia

An Irishman who was severely injured when his brother allegedly felled him with a single punch has called for the charges against his sibling to be dropped.

Patrick Lyttle (31) was put into a medically induced coma after his elder brother Barry (33) is said to have knocked him out with one punch in the incident in Kings Cross, Sydney last January.

The Antrim native suffered severe head trauma as a result of the altercation.

However, Patrick has called for his brother not to be prosecuted, according to reports in the Sydney Morning Herald.

The victim made the plea outside the Downing Centre Local Court, where he was flanked by his brother and his parents.

Wearing a suit and a beanie hat, Patrick said that he loves his brother and that he just “wants to go home”.

“We’re just hoping that in a couple of weeks’ time this can all get a whole lot better and we can all go home as a family,” he told a reporter outside the court.

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When asked whether he continued to support his brother, Patrick replied: “Of course, why wouldn’t I, he’s my brother.”

He added that he “just wants things to move forward” between the pair.

Patrick then stated that he wanted the prosecution against his brother to be dropped.

The pair have been pictured side by side smiling since the horrific incident.

Barry Lyttle previously expressed his relief on hearing that his brother was recovering well after a court appearance last month.

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He is charged with recklessly causing grievous bodily harm to Patrick in an incident in the Kings Cross district in the early hours of January 3.

It is alleged that he punched his brother at 3am on the Bayswater Road after a minor disagreement, sending Patrick falling backwards where he hit his head on the footpath.

He was taken to the nearby St Vincent’s Hospital where he was on life support for six days after undergoing surgery.

On February 5, over a month after the alleged assault, he walked out of the hospital with his girlfriend Maria McCaffrey, his brother Barry, his sister Karen McHugh and their father Oliver.

When Patrick was asked about his condition last night he responded saying “I’m very well at the moment thanks, very well”.


He is currently living in a rehabilitation facility in the northern Sydney suburb of Ryde.

A lawyer defending Barry Lyttle told the court that the accused’s brother Patrick will not experience any lasting effects from the attack.

The defence added that they are expecting a neurological report to confirmation this.

The case against Barry Lyttle has been adjourned until March 19.


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